The Steppenwolf
December 12, 2003   05:03 PM PST
Ahh.. alps.. now I will start working on my Grand Canyon trip right away.. first I have to gather a group of enthu friends.. gym is already on.. sometime in june/july next year should be good.. you have already invigorated me.. *wolfie goes out looking for company*

and did i say the writeup was amazzzzing ?
October 7, 2003   06:19 AM PDT
this is one place in the US i wanna see.. hmm.. will read this in time.. its SO huge!
October 2, 2003   04:05 PM PDT
next hiking destination...GC...u got me hooked...
elaichi chai
October 2, 2003   12:10 PM PDT
star is lazzzzzzzzzy .....its the journey star, not the destination ! ... i wanna c more pictures !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... also ...u dint give enough space to the other 'characters' in ur katha ...:)
October 2, 2003   11:40 AM PDT
Long post..I'll read it sometime else...Soooperb photos...
October 2, 2003   10:26 AM PDT
why would anyone put themselves through this??

The only way I would go hiking through the Grand Canyon would be on a palanquin ...

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